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Monday, 2 December 2013

Vitagen/Yakult Bottles Snowmen/Snow-women

Christmas is a great season for crafting and there are so many opportunities for DIY-ing decorations for the house! On Art Saturday, we made Frosties the Snowmen out of Vitagen bottles. It is a simple activity for toddlers but requires adult supervision due to the small parts.

Materials needed:
  1. Vitagen/Yakult bottles (washed and dried)
  2. Plastic bag
  3. Rubber bands
  4. Cotton wool
  5. Beads/beans
  6. Scrap paper
  7. Scrap cloth or ribbon

  1. Place plastic bag over the opening of the bottle and use a rubber band to secure it like in the photo.

  2. Paint glue in sections over the bottle and stick cotton wool on it. It is easier to handle if you paint-stick-paint-stick instead of painting the whole bottle all at once as your child may find the stickiness of the glue hard to manage.

  3. Once you are satisfied with the shape and figure of your snowmen (you can make snow-women, complete with handbag and all but for simplicity we made snowmen), stick on the eyes, nose and mouth with the beads or beans.

  4. Tie a scarf around the snowman's neck (the indented part of the bottle).
  5. Make a hat by making a cone with the scrap paper and secure it on the head of the snowman with some glue. Snowman is completed! 

  • You can improvise by using any materials you have on hand for the snowman's facial features, e.g. shapes cut from felt cloth, paper or even simply drawing with a permanent marker.
  • You can accessorise the snowman as much or as little as you like. Small twigs can be added as "arms"or  make the snowman shiny with glitter.
  • The snowman can also be made into puppet by making a small incision at the bottom of the bottle and inserting an ice-cream stick or large straw.

Have you done any Christmas craft?

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