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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

"Barbies' got no short legs."

I once read a blog entry about a mum's gift policies or rather no-gift policies and I agree with her, for the most part. Now that I'm in the midst of de-cluttering and spring cleaning for the Chinese New Year, I'm looking at the big bag of toys that would be given away and I thought, "how nice it would be if they were all books and craft materials?"

For some strange reason I did not give away nor consider asking Princess if she would like to give away her Barbie dolls even though I'm not a fan of them. And today Princess and The Rock decided to play with them while we or rather I, was taking a breather before I prepared dinner for them. To my most pleasant surprise, that was the most hilarious fifteen minutes of my day!

The conversation the both of them had sent me into fits of laughter! I had to control myself lest they thought I was laughing AT them or they were doing something ludicrous. But some of the highlights were:

1. Princess had difficult pulling up a pair of leggings for Barbie so she asked for help.

Princess: Mum, I tried and I tried but I couldn't pull up these pants for her.
Me: Let me take a look.
Princess: Oh... maybe these pants are for shorter legs. (She looks around for a doll with shorter legs.) But Barbie dolls have no short legs.

This article reveals that a Barbie doll's legs are 50% longer than her arms but the average woman's legs are only 20% longer.

2. The Rock's turn to have a go at the same Barbie doll and he has difficulty removing her leggings. (This doesn't sound right but never mind...)

Rock: Mum, can you help me remove her "jammies pants"?

 "Jammies pants"? Since when did Barbie wear "Jammies"? Hmm...yeah, maybe they do look like the bottoms of Princess' My Little Pony "Jammies".

3. The Rock was trying to look for a pair of sneakers for Barbie but he couldn't find them, so he asked Princess to help.

Princess: Rock, Barbies have no shoes, only heels.

A quote from Christian Louboutin says, "There is a heel that is too high to walk in, certainly. But who cares? You don't have to walk in high heels."

True that. Barbie can't even stand!

4. Princess wanted stick-on earrings for her Barbie dolls but she got frustrated as they all already had earrings (that were not so easily removed), so she gave them these instead:

A tattoo of your own side profile, anyone?

5. The Rock had a doll in his hand and he made her say, "C'mon! Hit me, hit me! Let's fight!" to the doll I had in mine. I guess there was just so much pink, heels, boobs and legs that he could handle, he needed some real Rocky action!

So there, my entertainment for the evening was presented by Princess and The Rock. What have you heard from your children that cracks you up, I would like to hear all of them! Kids say the darnest things, don't they? Or should I say the most honest things?

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