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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Product Review: Mary Kay TimeWise® Plus+ Regena-Firm™ range

This is a long overdue post on the product review of Mary Kay TimeWise® Plus+ Regena-Firm™ range of products. I volunteered to review the products myself but I was told this range may be more suitable for someone more mature so I volunteered my mum!

She is usually quite gung-ho about trying new skincare products as long it "promises" some positive results. Since I've seen the glowing complexion of a fellow mum-blogger who has been using Mary Kay's products, I kind of "promised" her results.

This is the range of products that I received:

I must thank Mary Kay for their generosity as the product samples were full-sized and not sample size! There was a day treatment (with SPF), a night treatment, a serum and eye cream. I shall not bore you with the technical details of the product but you can find out more here. Instead I will show you the RESULTS!


My mum's complexion is generally OK, but it can be quite dry and dehydrated, especially when she lacks sleep. (Which mother doesn't?) It has lost it's elasticity over the years too and the skin can get a bit saggy. The above "after" photo was taken close to three weeks after use and we can see that the "train tracks" on her forehead has greatly diminished. I was pretty impressed myself! 

The second significant improvement was the diminished dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. As I mentioned earlier, my mum does not sleep enough, hence dark eye circles and not-so-fine lines at the eye area are concerns. You can see from the "after" photo that her pores appear smaller on the cheeks area too.

Other than diminished wrinkles, I also noticed an overall improvement in skin tone and elasticity. There was an overall glow and radiance after consistent use of the products for about three weeks. According to her, a few of her friends have also complimented her on her "younger-looking skin".

A point to note is that, my mum commented that there was a tingling sensation when she applied the products (except the eye cream), but her skin had no adverse reaction, so she deduced that it must be the products doing their work! 

I am very pleased to see the positive results of the skincare review as I have similar skin type and issues as my mum, so now I know what products I need when I see signs of skin aging!

Disclaimer: I received a set of Mary Kay TimeWise® Plus+ Regena-Firm™for review and all photos (non-photoshopped!) and opinions are my mum's and mine.

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