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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Do Less, Love More

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, what have you lined up for the day? Do you celebrate this day or do are you the any-day-can-be-Valentine's-Day sort? I am somewhere in between, i.e. I don't go out and pay a ridiculous amount of money for a Valentine's Day meal and expect a bouquet of 100 roses but I do spend some time thinking about love and feel a little extra lovey dovey. Get what I mean?

This post is about love but not the romantic kind of love.

I have not talked about this on the blog but I have recently joined a homeschool co-op that's opened up my eyes to a few areas that I've been curious before but for some reason I just didn't find out more. But most importantly this group has helped me love more.

I was taught to:

  1. Love my body by eating well

  2. I've never been in a group of people as healthy as this! There is a mother-and-daughter duo of vegan and a family of pescetarians (people who are on a vegetarian and seafood diet) in the group. I'm not saying a vegan or a pescetarian is healthier than an omnivore but I sense a true wanting to eat well for the body in this group. The default snacks for each meet-up were fruits, homemade dehydrated fruits or salads of some kind. Even if other snacks were offered, they were not laden with excessive sugar or chocolate. I was so relieved to find the eating culture to be as such, as I do not need to struggle with saying, "No." to another candy or chocolate offered to Princess and The Rock. 

  3. Love the earth by recycling

  4. I saw how being earth-friendly was done so effortlessly at the trip we made to Chinatown (for the Chinese New Year themed outing). We ended of the meeting at a fruit stall that is frequented by the vegan mum. We spend quite a bit of time there trying the delicious fresh fruits offered by the stall owner and bought some as well. Then I noticed that not a single plastic bag was used! There was an eco-friendly bag for the cherries too! Not only that, I later found out that some of them also have the habit of composting their waste. Honestly I felt both surprised and in awe of their efforts. These recycling and eco-friendly business didn't seem to take off locally (at least not for the majority) so I am really glad to be able to see and learn how we can care for and love the earth in our everyday lives.

  5. Love my children by doing less

  6. I do sometimes get nervous thinking about how little time I spend on teaching Princess and The Rock the academic stuff. However my anxiety sort of dissipated after spending some time with this co-op. The concensus seems to be "The most important activity for now is play." Can you hear a loud, "Phew!" from me? Suddenly I don't feel so lonely anymore; I have comrades who would bring their children for extended playdates at the park more than once a week because they believe that children learn through play. Interestingly as I got less uptight about how much "work" we need to complete, the amount of actual academic learning that took place increased! Did Princess and The Rock feel more ready to absorb information after they've expanded their energy? I don't know for sure but something is working somewhere and I'm not complaining. :)

What are you thinking about love this week?

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