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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Easy “Hearty” Fingerprints Valentine’s Day Bouquet

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, we decided to make a few Valentine’s Day themed artwork. Here we are sharing one super easy artwork using only paint, paper and hands!

We used recycled paper as we have a lot of it; it’s also good to use recycled paper for “drafts” as Princess can be quite a perfectionist, so if I tell her we are starting with drafts, she would not get so frustrated if she does not get the first few the way she wants them to be.

“Hearty” Fingerprints Flower Bouquet


  1. Draw the stalks of the bouquet, you can “tie” (draw) a ribbon around the bunch of flowers if desired.

  2. Valentine's Day Art

  3. Add flowers at the end of the stalks by making two fingerprint with alternate fingers in a criss-cross fashion to make a heart-shaped flower.

  4. Valentine's Day Art

  5. Artwork is completed. Present your fresh bouquet of flowers to your loved one as it is, make it into a card or make the prints on a larger piece of paper (mahjong paper works quite well) and use it as a gift wrapper!
        Valentine's Day Art

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