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Friday, 21 February 2014

Fashion Friday - DIY Tutu Skirt Tutorial

Some time ago, I took part in the Instagram September Photo Challenge organised by SANses and I posted a photo of a tutu dress that I made. I received a few requests for a tutorial for it but I could not get down to doing it. Now that the busy holiday season (and spring cleaning) is over, I managed to make another short tutu skirt, hence I'm able to post this tutorial here. It may seem like there are many steps but that's because I try to be as detailed as possible but really your toddler can help you with most of the steps too; it's that easy!

Materials Required:

  • 2 (or more) Spools of tulle (6" in width and 25 yard in length) 

  • No-roll elastic band
  • Thread and needle
  • A rectangular piece of cardboard cut to the desired length of the skirt
  • Sharp scissors
  • Sticky tape


  1. Measure your child's waist.

  2. Take 1" of the measurement in step 1 and cut a piece of elastic band of that length, e.g. if the waist measurement is 18", cut the elastic band to 17".

  3. Overlap the elastic band (about 1") and sew them together to make a waistband.

  4. Secure one end of the tulle to the end of the cardboard with some sticky tape. 

  5. Roll the tulle around the length of the cardboard. 

  6. Cut the tulle at the side where the tape is when you've finished rolling the tulle.

  7. Put the elastic band over a small bolster or tissue box to make the following steps easier.

  8. Take a piece of tulle, pinch it in the middle and follow the steps below.

  9. Do this around the whole elastic band.

  10. Once completed, trim the bottom of the skirt if there is unevenness. It is OK if you prefer it to be slightly uneven and "raw-looking" too!

  • You would need more tulle for a taller child and less for a shorter child.
  • You can use any colour(s) you prefer but I think not more than 3 colours is a good rule, lest it looks too "busy-looking".
  • You can accessorise it with a ribbon sash or fabric flowers at the waistband, glitter tulle can be used too but do take note that a bit of the glitter does drop off.
  • Use the tutu skirt in combination with different props to create different looks! Fairies, Tinkerbell, ballerina etc. 
  • It is not advisable to make the skirt too long as the strips of tulle gets tangled into a ball quite easily.

I hope you like this tutorial and will give it a try!

Princess and The Rock

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