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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Kids Say the "Darnest" Things!

Kids say the darnest things! Or do they?

Recently I've been made speechless by The Rock's responses many times. I really don't know if that was his way of wriggling out of stressful/embarrassing/difficult situations or he's simply being a... CHILD!

I've noted some of these precious conversations here:

Me: Stop wasting water, I can hear the water running. Turn off the tap, please.
Rock: Running? But... the water has no legs. It cannot run!
(I can't argue with that, can I?)

Rock: Mum, I know Salvador, right?
Me: Salvador? Who is that?,
Princess: He meant Salvador Dali.
(First name basis sia!)

Me: I don't think you should have your milk now, your tummy may burst!
Rock: Burst? Do you mean 'burst into laughter'?
(I have no idea where you learnt that phrase but I was impressed nevertheless!)

Me: (With a grimace) Who 'poot-poot' (farted)?
Rock: It's me but daddy said it's normal right?
(That's because daddy 'bombed' you and he had to get himself out of the situation!)

Vegetales fan would recognise this.
Rock: (Singing) My God is bigger than the BOOGER man...
(I'm sure the BOOGER man is pretty scary...)

Me: Rock, I think you should not scream and shout in public like that.
Rock: Why?
Me: Why? Because it's not a nice thing to do. Let me see... you saw how PoPo (grandma) screamed just now when she thought the bicycle was banging into you, right? Did you like it? You got a big shock, right?
Rock: Yes. (In the coolest tone you can ever imagine) It's not cool man! it's bad!
(Rock, I think you are just too cool for me sometimes.)

What is the "darnest" thing you've heard from your kids lately? :)

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