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Monday, 17 February 2014

Telling Time with DIY Giant Clock

Princess has been learning to tell the time ever since we got her a REAL Hello Kitty flik flak® watch. She got it sometimes but at other times she would mix up the hour and the minute hands. We've worked together on some worksheets and assessment book too but I've been thinking about how to make it more fun for her so that what she learns "sticks better".

I got inspired to make her clock after I saw this paper plate clock on Kids Activities Blog. So I thought why not blow that up and make a much bigger one

with the cardboard that was lying around? Hence I decided to make it when Princess and The Rock were taking their afternoon nap so that they can wake up to a giant clock!

And this is how it looks:

The clock, although big, is really simple to make. 

  1. Make hour and minute hands by cutting two pieces of cardboards (long rectangular-shaped), one shorter than the other. Trim off one end of both hands to make them pointed or arrow-shaped. Punch holes on the straight ends of the clock hands. I used a leather puncher.

  2. Punch hole in the middle of the clock face. The clock can be of any shaped, I used a big rectangle as that was what I had and I did not want to bother with trimming.

  3. Cut two small pieces of cardboard and punch two holes in the middle. These pieces act as the "stopper". Secure the clock hands to the clock face by using a pipe-cleaner. 

  4. Write the minutes on the clock face, i.e. 60 at 12 o'clock, 5 at 1 o'clock etc. 

  5. Write the hours, "1" to "12" on card stocks, attach to the clock face, covering the minutes, such that you can flip open the card to reveal the minutes. Completed!

We've only played with it briefly but I've already got some games in mind that I can use with this clock, so stay tuned! Meanwhile I'll go print this wonderful free printable for practising telling time created by Alicia of Beanie N Us

I'll love to hear your ideas on teaching a child to tell time too, so do share with me in the comments!

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