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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

We Don't Do Anything Much Anymore

Some time last year I contemplated putting Princess back to Kindergarten as I felt so overwhelmed by everything - homeschooling, housework, lack of me-time and couple time with my husband. I nearly threw in the towel on homeschooling but something just held me back. So I trudged on but my confidence was quickly waning and I felt quite like a failure.

I was wondering if I was indeed doing enough "school" with Princess as everyday It seemed we barely spent enough time on practising Math or phonics. Yes, we do a lot of art and craft and they constantly asked for fun and "explosive" science experiments but I was just worried that Princess, especially, wasn't learning as much as she should.

This year, though, after joining a homeschool co-op that we all felt comfortable with, I began to feel better about what I was doing. I got some some support from other mums and Princess and The Rock have a regular group of friends whom they socialise with and look forward to meeting. This evening, however, my insecurity was brought to the forefront again when my mum displayed disdain when I told her that my husband and I are considering homeschooling our children beyond pre-school age. Her response of, “不好啦!” made me feel indignant at first; I felt as though she was doubting my ability to give my children a good enough education. But that indignation became doubt and insecurity as I began to ask myself again, "Can I do better than a school? Am I short-changing my children by homeschooling them?"

Many thoughts went through my mind as I pondered and then I realised something. The question shouldn't be about whether I can do better, it should be about whether WE can BE better doing this together. I can't vouch for the future but now we are enjoying our days "doing nothing much".

We don't practise phonics with lessons in the files
But we read the signs on the bus
And labels at the supermarket aisles 
I don't ensure pages of writing to be done everyday
But The Rock asks to trace the letters
With sounds made his own way!
Math has never been a subject I adore
But we learn as we bake and measure
So arithmetic will never be a bore. 
Their cousin told them Science are for older kids
But I say take a look at everything around
Just like Sid the Science Kid! 
And yes, we don't do anything much anymore
But we thank God we can sing and laugh,
Imagine and love, and work on the bits (that need tweaking) in our core. 

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