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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

You Too Can Make Music!

All thanks to a mummy in our homeschool co-op who told us about "You Too Can Make Music", Princess and I got to spend an afternoon learning and "playing" orchestral music. The fun-filled event was organised by the NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music’s (YSTCM) and it was their first-ever children's event. I didn't expect myself to use the words "fun-filled" and "orchestral music" in the same breath but Princess enjoyed it so much
I felt I owed "Orchestra" an apology
by thinking unfavourably of it! I've to be honest here and say that I've never been a great fan of orchestral music; there are certain pieces that I enjoy but Symphony 92.4FM is not my top choice of radio station.

However, ahem, being the dedicated mother I have to expose my children to classical music due to the various purported benefits of appreciating and learning a musical instrument at a young age. But truth be told, the real reason is Princess enjoys music - any kind of music. However, since both my husband and I are not fans of classical music, it is only now that we're embarking on this classical music journey.

The event started with an orchestral performance in which the various groups of instruments (percussion, strings, woodwinds and brass) are highlighted and introduced at various points of the performance. Thereafter there were two information sessions whereby the different instrument groups are demonstrated in greater detail and children got to get up close and personal with them! They were allowed to try out the instruments (with supervision, of course) and ask as many questions as they wanted. That was the cherry on the cake for Princess as it was a rare occasion that she did not hear, "Don't touch! Be careful!" in the face of all those expensive instruments.

Take a look at these photos and you'll see what I mean:

Information session where various instruments were being introduced
in greater detail.

Love the majestic-looking harp!

Trying out the quarter-sized (I think) violin

Princess' favourite cornet

Now the trumpet...

Followed by the trombone

Check out that stance!

Here is a little excerpt of the action!

For those keen on giving your child(ren) a more light-hearted, child-friendly experience of the orchestra concert, you can check out:

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