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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Are you on Instagram?


Are you on Instagram? I jumped onto the Instagram bandwagon in August 2012 and have never looked back!

Here are 10 reasons why I love Instagram:

  1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
  2. This is self-explanatory; sometimes it a photo conveys an emotion/feeling/mood much better than a hunk of words.

  3. Quick Check on New Blog Posts
  4. Many bloggers are Instagrammers too and they use it as a social media platform to promote new posts, so it's convenient for me to have a quick check on new posts and then check out only those that I would like to read.

  5. Update on Princess and The Rock's New Blog Posts
    I update my readers on new blog posts on Instagram too.

  6. #Instafood
  7. I love food. I enjoy having a good meal with good company in a brand spanking new restaurant and I derive equal, if not, more satisfaction from whipping up something healthy and delicious that my family loves. So Instagram provides me with recipe ideas, tips on where to go for my dates with my husband or where to get the most aromatic cuppa!

  8. #OOTD
  9. Being in baggy shorts and T-shirts most of the time can dull my sense of fashion and style, so I need some inspiration for dressing up for the occasional wedding dinners or ultra-special dates.

  10. Daily Dosage of Art and Living

  11. Updates on Friends and Families Abroad
  12. Some dear friends and family members have relocated to places that are so far away that it's hard to meet up as often as you'd like so looking at photos of their lives there is one way of connecting with them.

  13. #Instatravel
  14. Travelling is another of my loves. Alas I can't travel as and when I want so photos would have to satisfy the travel bug in me. Some of these photos are incredible (filters or not)!

  15. Baby/Toddler Ogling
  16. Oh yes, one of my favourite things to do is ogling at babies! Take a look at these and you'll know why! (Ok, I admit sometimes I look at my feed and I thought, "Hey, he's cute!")

  17. Photography Tips
  18. I definitely need some help in this department. I think some photography know-how is pretty important as a blogger; sometimes the photo(s) conveys more than the words. I like the photos below for the composition, as well as, how well the emotions were being captured.

Are you on Instagram yet? If you are, your profile in the comments and I'll pop over to discover your adventures. You can look at mine here. :)

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