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Friday, 21 March 2014

Cotton Bud Painting (Serendipitous Mummy - Child Art Collab.)

Today Princess and I did some painting with cotton buds. This activity may seem easy but it was a challenge for her, not the activity-is-too-difficult kind of challenge though, but a challenge of having to work within a restriction. I imposed only two rules: Only use dots AND no mixing of colours. If you know Princess, this way of doing art is really cramping her style! She's all about creativity and "freedom of brush", in other words, she's a freestyler.

Knowing her to be so, why did I still restrict her expressiveness in this art activity? Quite simply, I wanted her to practise listening and following instructions. So I thought why not let her work on the aforementioned skills with an activity that she enjoys?

It turned out she did really well, although she was really tempted to mix the colours at some point but I reminded her about the rule. She also made a few strokes instead of all dots but she primarily stuck to the rules of the game.

Here are her creations (with restriction imposed!):

Painting with cotton bud
Princess was meticulous in the beginning..

Painting with cotton bud
Do you notice the few this-is-too-slow-let's-make-longer-lines strokes?

Painting with cotton bud
Princess' second cotton bud painting

Of course I had to join in the fun. I had no image in mind and I simply dotted on my paper at random. The resulting art work looked like this:

Doesn't my "art work" just look like some random colourful dots? Now let me show you the synergic effects of mummy and child collaboration:

Can you see what we have created together? Yes, a tree! Unintentionally, Princess and I have managed to do a mummy-child art collaboration; my random dots became the canopy of a tree and part of Princess' art worked well as the tree trunk.

We discussed some learning points after the art session and they are:
  1. Something as simple as a dot can create a beautiful painting. So in life simplicity can be beautiful too, e.g. a simple birthday party can be as enjoyable as an elaborately planned one.

  2. Repetition or practice makes "perfect". The initial dots were irregular; some had too much paint and some were not round, but as she went on her dots looked better and better and she had more ideas of what she could do with just dots.

  3. Repetition may be boring but it creates good results (sometimes), just like the serendipitous mummy-child art work we created.

Did you think we really stopped at dots? Nah... of course we had to end off with messy art and there were other discoveries so stay tuned!

We also explored with a technique similar to this one and I call that "Printillism". Curious yet? Take a look here.

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