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Monday, 3 March 2014

"Whatever you are, I want to be like you!"

Last night, a BIG bomb dropped on me. Just like that, in one short sentence.

It happened while we were having dinner, rather while Princess was finishing her last bit of her dinner (The Rock and I had finished ours.) She came to me and told me, "Mummy, even though I don't really like what you've cooked for me today, I still want to finish it because I want to make you happy." I wasn't quite sure what or how to feel about that statement. It sounded like I should be touched but I didn't want her to finish her food just to please me. So I told her that I wanted her to eat different types of food to get the necessary nutrients for her body, instead of going back to the same dish all the time and I much prefer her to finish her meal because of that rather than trying to make me happy.

Then a conversation like the one below ensued:
Princess: But I really love you so I want to make you happy. 
Me: Even though I keep on scolding you, you still love me? 
Princess: Yes! Just like you, even though I keep on doing things to make you angry, you still love me. Whatever you are, I want to be like you!

I could not continue the conversation anymore and I had to choke back my tears.

Princess has no idea how much impact that sentence has on me. But it weighed so heavily on me. Yes, I'm breaming with pride that my not-so-little girl wants to be just like mummy but on the other hand, I realised how important what I do, what I say, how I say it and every emotion I display has a huge bearing on my Princess! We've all heard the familiar "Children learn by imitation" theory but nothing hits home as hard as hearing it from my child.

Let's just say I haven't been too proud of the way I've been treating and disciplining her as she's in this tantrum-y (for lack of a better word) phase which I find so hard to manage. (Maybe that's why she's behaving the way she is - a reflection of me.) But I think God is really trying to show me what I need to know yesterday through a series of events. In the morning, as I watched her worship I realised how much I need to accord her the love that she so deserved as a child of God (and mine). Then she lovingly told me she wanted to be like me no matter what and just a few hours ago, I read about unconditional love (for our children) from Prayerfully Mum that really spoke to me.

As much as I feel unworthy sometimes, there's more reason for me to make each day count, to reflect the glory of Christ, as it too, would be reflected in her!

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