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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Celery Printing and Celery Paintbrush

When I saw this Celery and Potato Stamping post, I was certain we're going to re-create a version of it because it looked so pretty!

So when I had some too-old-to-eat celery left in my fridge I knew exactly the thing to do with it.

All we needed were the heads of celery, some paint and paper. As we had only a head of celery, we made do with one and did what was suggested in the aforementioned post, i.e. to bundle a few celery sticks with a rubber band. It totally worked!

As we also had some leaves from the chrysanthemums that we used for the colouring flowers via transpiration experiment, we used them with the celery stamps.

The result was more than satisfactory. We thought it'd make a great gift wrapper as we used acrylic paint instead of washable ones.

We also found out that celery leaves made a good alternative for paint brushes too! Princess used it to create a "snow storm" effect!

We love these serendipitous results from our artistic exploration. :)

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