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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Thankful Tuesday: Billy Elliot in the House

As I was reading the Thankful Tuesday post from Mum in the Making, I was reminded that I've a lot to be thankful about too. Sometimes it's hard to appreciate the blessings that come to us amidst a sink full of dishes, dirty floor with crayon marks and toys all over and screaming children in the background.

But today as I was preparing our morning green smoothie, I overheard the "lesson" that was happening in the living room. When I got to the living room I saw this:

Princess has outgrown a pair of ballet shoes and she offered them to The Rock, who prompted put them on and got ready for his ballet lesson. As I watched from the sideline I feel thankful that: 

  • The Rock is well from a bout of fever. 

  • The siblings have the opportunity to play together and teach each other any time of the day, every day.

  • A home (although small) that we can play and find rest in.

  • A supportive husband who ALWAYS come home with smiles for me and the children, no matter how hard a day he's got.

  • Children who love me, forgive me and hug me to sleep every night, no matter how bad a day we've put each other through. Yes, they'll hug me even though I'm cao serng (smelling bad) from a full day of cooking and washing. That's how I know I'm well-loved.

  • God's always watching over us and His love is unfailing.

It is indeed good to give thanks! If you feel overwhelmed, I encourage you to think of ONE thing that you can still be thankful about, you'll feel better. Try it! :)

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