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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Courtship Dance

Princess: Mummy, I need your phone. I need to call daddy.
Me: OK, it's on the table there.
Princess: (Picks up the phone and called daddy using the speed dial function) Daddy, how did you attract mummy?

Guess what daddy's reply was?

"Me? Oh! It was mummy who was eyeing me ever since we were staying at Whampao/Balestier area." Before he could indulge further in his fantasy, I stopped him and asked him to give a more straightforward answer to illustrate what courtship is because in the afternoon Princess watched this:

**For a shorter version of the Mating Dance of the Birds of Paradise, watch this.

And she couldn't quite understand why the male birds had to show off their plumage and put up a magnificent "dance performance" to woo their female counterparts. On a side note, Princess was pretty offended that only the male birds possess such extravagant beauty and the females, on the other hand, are not such lookers!

The conversation on courtship did not end with the short telephone conversation because after work daddy took the opportunity to have a father-and-daughter discussion about choosing her lifelong partner. This time daddy took a more serious stance and talked about qualities he "displayed" to court (in bird language, so to speak :P) me. Of course he reiterated the importance of looking beyond the external display of charm, instead to seek a man after her own heart (and of course, after God's own heart too).

I thought I have at least a few more years to prepare for this but things are moving along faster than expected! My friend captioned a photo of her adorable three year old daughter as "My three-nager" and I totally get what she meant!

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