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Monday, 9 February 2015

"Oh, just going for a lunch date with Wong Li Lin."

"So I proceed to go by the Google map way?"

"Yes, uncle. Please go ahead. I'm in a rush because I'm late for an appointment."

"Sounds like an important appointment."

"Hmm... oh, just going for a lunch date with Wong Li Lin."

I was trying to sound as nonchalant as I could because it's not cool to appear startstruck, right?

"Wong Li Lin? I really like her!"

In actual fact, me too! I was rushing from Jacob Ballas Children's Garden to De Dietrich Kitchen for a lunch date with Wong Li Lin! Because I won an Instagram(IG) contest jointly organised by her and De Dietrich Asia! (So much for not being startstruck, I used three exclamation marks in a row! Now that makes four.)

I've been following IG accounts with photos of healthy meals to get inspiration, recipes and ideas on nutritious meals to prepare for my family. One day I chanced upon a Li Lin's 3-ingredient cookie and that's was how I "found her". Truth be told, as I was scrolling through her IG feed, I was ogling at two things - the food photos and her hot bod!

Fast forward to last Saturday, I arrived at De Dietrich Kitchen with excitement to see her in real life and of course, to taste the lunch she's specially prepared for ME. And fourteen other winners, two of them I know through blogging (Lynn and Jenn). 

As I arrived late I tried to "blend in" quietly, watching Li Lin work her Domestic Goddess-ness over the pristine, high tech induction stove. As I watched her, my mind was full of, "Wah seh, cooking can also look so glamourous meh?" and "Above 40 and no lines to be seen yet!" My inner monologue was soon disrupted by the sounds of clanging crockery and cutlery as Li Lin sliced the tender beef cheeks and plated for all of us. The dish of slow-cooked beef cheek, polenta and mushroom was delicious to say the least! Although I have drastically cut down on my consumption of meat, especially red meat, I was happy to clean everything off my plate!

The leisure afternoon luncheon was peppered with questions from Li Lin (she wanted to know more about what we would like to see on her social media accounts) and questions from us about her professional and family life and fitness. It was such a relaxing event because Li Lin had no airs about her and she was candid in her responses, with guffaws at times and playful expressions at others.

What I gleaned from her was her positive outlook in life in all circumstances; she learnt that as long as she could accept that things are just different from how she would like them to be and not bad per se, she can feel happier. I thought that's such a beneficial way for us to look at situations rather than wallowing at why it wasn't so or what it should/could have been.

Of course we each took the opportunity to have a photo or two taken with her for memento. For me this photo reminds me that ageing gracefully and beautifully is very possible with the right attitude! (Li Lin, you don't look old by any means! What I'm saying is... You know what I mean! :P)

So, if you are into happy and healthy living, fitness and eating clean, you should check out her IG account.

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