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Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Me-time was a foreign concept to me until my second born was close to two years old. As both my children breastfed for 16-18 months, they were pretty much stuck to me the whole time as I did not make it a point to express any breast milk, save for two occasions of engorgement. The thought of having to wash and sterilise milk bottles prevented me from wanting to express and keep a milk bank, I thought since I would be staying at home, it would be way easier to just latch on. So that's why me-time was almost non-existent until Rock was weaned off the breast.

When I could finally steal some time off for myself, I did not know what to do with that freedom! It was refreshing though to be able to eat a dish that I like instead of finishing my children's leftovers, have a coffee AND read a book at the same time! After a while I realised that me-time is best spent doing something relaxing and "aimless". As most of the time I have schedules to meet and tasks to complete (bring Princess to her various activities on time, put meals on the table on time etc.), so when I have the opportunities to be alone, I prefer to take it S-L-O-W. It can be watching a k-drama or a coffee date with myself.

Love afternoons spent with a good cuppa and a good read

I also like to meet up with close friends on my nights off. It's usually a dinner, followed by a dessert and coffee kind of date, nothing fanciful, just quality time spent with people that matters. Although it's not strictly me-only time but it's still a good way for me to be another part of myself - a friend. I have to admit that the number of friends of I keep in contact with has dropped drastically since I became a mum, due to various reasons, I'm determined to make good the few solid friendships that I still have.

Oldie but goldie!

And since friendship is important to me, I make time for my best friend - my husband. It is not often that we get to go on dates so we really treasure those pockets of time. When it's possible, we like to date abroad! Does it sound very indulgent? Maybe but really it's only when we are out of our daily routine that we get to fully concentrate on each other; there aren't nagging worries like "Have our kids gone to bed at mum's? They skipped their afternoon nap so they'll get really cranky if they turn in late." or "I have to get back early to prepare for tomorrow's co-op session." I've been very blessed to be able to go on a few trips with my husband while my mum helped to care for Princess and The Rock. The first time I travelled without my children was kind of heart-breaking for me though, I missed them so much! I cried at the airport (it didn't help that I flew alone as my husband had gone earlier to the destination) and a few times at the hotels. We had video calls almost everyday with our children every time we travel without them because we miss seeing them and hearing their voices, also because they want us to "show" them where we were and how our surroundings looked like.

Here are some snapshots of our travels:

My most recent babymoon at Netherlands and Copenhagen

Trip to Switzerland and Venice

A photo posted by Felicia Tan (@feliciatgl) on

Trip to Italy and Vals, Switzerland

Lovely produce from Italy
Tranquil Vals, ultimate relaxation

My husband's need for speed satiated at Maranello Ferrari Museum/Track

Trip to Bali

Surf's up!

You can read more and see photos on our Bali trip here and here.

For me, me-time can be time alone, time with a close friend or two or a date with my husband. Basically it's time away from my children, as long as it's doing something that I enjoy that's not child-related; it's time for me to recharge and rejuvenate. How does your me-time look like?

This post is part of a blog train initiated by Prayerfull Mum.

Mummy's 'Me-Time'

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